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SEO Moz Future of Search

17th October 2013 By luke

Social metrics have also gained a lot of attention in past years. Do they still correlate well with higher rankings? This chart compares social metric correlations with traditional link correlations

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Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Shitty Agency

4th September 2013 By luke

Ahhh working til 9pm several days a week, it’s just the agency way of life right? Wrong, it’s bad management.

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Throwing an Engaging Party

14th March 2013 By luke

Checkout my top secret engagement party invite with a difference

Facebook Marketing – Measuring sentiment

27th February 2013 By luke

Ask someone what they read and they will say a worthy tome like The Australian. Watch what they read and it’s some trashy mag. Expecting 1400 people to represent 20 million is deranged.

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