Free iPhone 4 Case Closing Soon

Just a reminder that today is the last day that you can get your free case from the iPhone 4 Case program.In case ( haha get it case) you have forgotten it was Apple's solution to the antennagate issue that set the blog-o-sphere on fire.

If you haven't got one yet just download the iPhone 4 Case App from the itunes store and select your case.

I received mine yesterday which I ordered about 6 weeks ago so if you have ordered one don't expect it anytime soon!  Whilst I initially thought I wouldn't even use the case I ordered it anyway because everyone loves free stuff even though I hadn't noticed any reception issues or dropped calls. I really like the case, and I'm not normally a case person. (I figure engineers spend ages trying to get your phone small why bulk it up?)

If your reading this after the 30th... well then sucks to be you! No not really just head over there have been reports you might be able to get one if you give Apple a sob story. Alternatively just Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case - Color and order one!