Creating iPhone apps with Cocos2D + Box2D useful tools

Been busy at work and at home working on the first in a series of iPad/iPhone interactive app books. You can see the teaser landing page at more on that later. On my travels I've found a number of useful tools that I thought I'd share.

PhysicsEditor traces the outlines of your sprites. You can edit several parameters to control the amount of vertices created. It also lets you define physics and collision parameters such as friction, mass, bounce, density. Defiantly worth a download. It's only $19.95 which is well worth it! Automated trimming, automated sizing, extreme fast automated layout, allows you to pack those image sprites into smaller files!

Although I haven't used it yet I could also see this being useful Although it should be used tastefully as I've seen a number of games in the app store use it just because.