Why page rank isn't everything

I noticed today that this blog has a page rank of 2.Which is fine. (Although I'd like a higher one so feel free to link to this blog post!) One of my other websites that I have blogged about before facemash.com.au has a page rank of 1 and as I have previously mentioned facemash gets a suprising amount of hits

Another site of mine phonewallpapers.mobi has page rank of 3. Which gets around the same amount of hits as this blog.

I find this very interesting as alot of people are very focused on increasing their page rank by paying for or creating back links. But google really isn't that silly. You must create something relevant and interesting if you want to rank well, whether thats interesting content, such as this blog ;) or voting on myspace profiles which people seem to love. Alot of people believe if you have a high page rank you'll have visitors rushing in.  Whilst this may be true in some cases. Its not everything, as you can see from the above observations it defiantly isn't a measure in the amount of visitors you will receive. Its more a measure of authority which can lead to an increase amount of visitors. Which has led me to believe that content is king as long as its relevant and engaging.(Matt Cutts who features on the Google Webmaster Help is a great resource for more information on this) I guess for some it might seem obvious that if you create something engaging people will visit your site. But I believe its a point that needs to be pushed as its something that is frequently forgotten, especially in the world of SEO optimisation. There is no point in optimising your site if theres nothing on the site thats worth seeing in the first place.

So you ask what am I selling? Apart from myself through this blog. Nothing at the moment as I haven't finished creating it but you can take a sneak peak at www.bingybongy.com