The Apple Web App Store: My experience

Just over a month ago I submitted my iPhone wallpapers website to the Apple web app store.You can see it here Phone Wallpapers This has been a difficult process, for the first few days the link was broken and was giving a 404 error so I resubmitted it and after several emails to the support/feedback address it was finally fixed it, although I never actually received an email as per the instructions on the website.

I also submitted my Facebook Likeable site into the web app store this also didn't work for the first few days. So seems to be the norm, most sites on the recently added list of the web app store seem to give 404 errors. I don't understand why it just makes the web apps store look unprofessional.

One thing I won't complain about though is the traffic being directed to the site its been great.

My next step is a native iPhone app which will hopefully be a smoother process, so watch this space!