Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta

Facebook released an update to their SDK.coincidentally I only downloaded the SDK yesterday for a new project that I started on the weekend. Some great pre built code such as a native code friends picker thats going to be super helpful to many developers.

From the Facebook dev site

We're happy to announce a major update to the Facebook SDK for iOS that makes it easier and faster to develop Facebook-integrated iOS apps. We've also introduced a new iOS Dev Center so you can quickly access the tools and resources you need to build great social apps for iOS.



Will the iPad Fail: God no

I wrote this post whilst at Sumo Group but thought it would be good to repost it here since the Sumo Blog seems to have a few cob webs on it. At the time I remember thinking that the iPad was going to be become one of Apples rare failed products like the ROKR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_ROKR) or Mobile Me how wrong I was. I hate to say it but the iPad has been a game changer and has brought about a Post PC world with 15.4 million iPads sold in Q4 of 2011. I'm excited about the iPad more than ever and I can't wait to release my first iPad app for my second job at Bingy Bongy.

"The iPad was released last week in the US and as with all major apple product releases there’s major turbulence in the ‘blogosphere’.  Some are saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread the iPhone whilst others are saying it just a large iPhone.

Apple is going into unexplored territory, whilst yes you might be jumping up and down saying Microsoft have been making tablets for almost 10 years and they have. However companies have also been making mobile phones for years and look how much of a stir the iPhone created? It changed the way mobile phones and interfaces are made (just have a look at other mobile phones on the market today and see the similarities). There is no denying it, Apple creates great products but more importantly they also sell their products well. Keynote speeches that have charisma and charm, littering the internet with hype and rumours months before product release dates. But the question remains will the iPad be as successful as the iPhone?

I believe the iPad will be an enjoyable browsing experience literally flicking through pages on the web.  Speaking from experience typing large amount of text is difficult on the iPhone, however typing on that large screen virtual keyboard does appear very handy for simple document creation. This could come in handy for writing say blog entries. Or more explicitly, writing blog entries on The Dojo…

Unfortunately Sumo and the rest of Australia will have to keep waiting as the release date isn’t until late April. Once the iPad does finally get to Australia I’ll definitely be giving it a try. As a programmer I’m not sure I have the requirement (or the cash) for another device. Don’t get me wrong I love gadgets, but with a computer at work and a laptop at home (and an iPhone for any time in between) there isn’t really a requirement for another screen. Whether I’ll be handing over the exorbitant amount of US$499 (just for the wifi version) remains to be seen.

So what do you think? Is the iPad going to change the internet forever or is it just Apple trying to squeeze more money out of us all again?"

Burswood Casino Launches New Site!

After several months of hard work I'm very happy to show off the new Burswood Casino you can see screen shots of the old one below, I'm not going to make direct comment on the old site as usual we all think our old website isn't good see this comic for more details!.and the shiny new one shown below. Key features include:

  • Wistia Powered Video Integration, videos are imported through the Wistia API and are inserted into a custom table.
  • A custom javascript slider for the home page image and video slider
  • Extensive use of the Kentico document type functionality, several different custom document type have been created to allow all aspects of the site to be content manged by the Burswood team.
  • Bizforms are used and heaps of other stuff

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to make a few developer posts about Kentico as its one of the best CMS I've worked with. The balance between in-built and extensibility is brilliant.

Betts Mag App Launch in the Apple App Store

UPDATE: I'll be submitting an updated 1.1 version this afternoon which really polishes the app so be sure to lookout for that. The iPhone companion app uses String™ Augmented Reality which was really easy to work with, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to develop a few more apps using it. In the Betts Spring 2011 catalog which is currently instores you'll see the Betts Mag App iPhone app is featured. Here you can scan the icons inside the printed mag and unlock extra app features.


Also there are about 8 rich media shoe products where you can see 3 Ways to Wear and touch to spin 360 view spin of the products.




The iPad app allows you to browse the Spring Summer Catalog.


The Apple Web App Store: My experience

Just over a month ago I submitted my iPhone wallpapers website to the Apple web app store.You can see it here Phone Wallpapers This has been a difficult process, for the first few days the link was broken and was giving a 404 error so I resubmitted it and after several emails to the support/feedback address it was finally fixed it

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Perth Royal Show Live

For the past few months I have been working hard on a fantastic project and I'm happy to announce that the final stage is now live of the Perth Royal Show, check it out athttp://www.perthroyalshow.com.au

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