Appirater github Fork

I forked appirater yesterday and have made a pull request to the master repo.It was a simple change but I believe a very important one. I've always added the appirater code to all the apps I've submitted to the app store. Its kind of annoying for the user but the fact of the matter is to get downloads you need app reviews and the simplest way of getting app reviews is asking. After doing my usual research of asking a few people about the usual dialog message as seen below

They said they usually only rate if the app is bad! So whilst appirater does a good job of waiting a few days and a number of opens. People might still not like the app but have no choice and use it anyway (just checkout the Facebook app reviews), these are the people you want giving you feedback and want to keep them well away from the app store rating your app. So instead we present them with this message

And if they say yes I have issues bring up a the Mail Composer Controller

Its not perfect but until something awesome like is available it will have to do!