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Squidee - Web and Mobile App Development by me!

I've always said that if I ever won lotto I'd start a company doing web development mobile apps, unfortunately theres no lotto money but I have decided to go freelance and work on a few of my own projects and some other exciting stuff. So I'm excited to announce that I'm now working under a new company called Squidee

I'll still be posting on this website for blog posts but for any web or mobile app development work this is my new 'brand'



I recently built the app for Style Aid whilst working for Gatecrasher Advertising. A mobile game of Pass The Parcel was played on the event night (27th of July 2012), where 15 electronic parcels will were passed around the room and won at random. Users who had downloaded the app and then register. Push Notifications using UrbanAirship were sent as each parcel was sent around.

Guests at STYLEAID had the opportunity to have their very own red carpet moment. Photographs were taken and uploaded into a CMS and then users could share on facebook or twitter.

I used .NET MVC to handle the requests from the app in a REST methodology  and a simple windows service was created to change update who had the parcel and to send the push notifications.

More info about the event can be found at the West Yahoo website http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/video/watch/30111603/21086646/

Appirater github Fork

I forked appirater yesterday and have made a pull request to the master repo.It was a simple change but I believe a very important one. I've always added the appirater code to all the apps I've submitted to the app store. Its kind of annoying for the user but the fact of the matter is to get downloads you need app reviews and the simplest way of getting app reviews is asking. After doing my usual research of asking a few people about the usual dialog message as seen below

They said they usually only rate if the app is bad! So whilst appirater does a good job of waiting a few days and a number of opens. People might still not like the app but have no choice and use it anyway (just checkout the Facebook app reviews), these are the people you want giving you feedback and want to keep them well away from the app store rating your app. So instead we present them with this message

And if they say yes I have issues bring up a the Mail Composer Controller

Its not perfect but until something awesome like http://majortom.bonobolabs.com/ is available it will have to do!


Burswood Casino Launches New Site!

After several months of hard work I'm very happy to show off the new Burswood Casino you can see screen shots of the old one below, I'm not going to make direct comment on the old site as usual we all think our old website isn't good see this comic for more details!.and the shiny new one shown below. Key features include:

  • Wistia Powered Video Integration, videos are imported through the Wistia API and are inserted into a custom table.
  • A custom javascript slider for the home page image and video slider
  • Extensive use of the Kentico document type functionality, several different custom document type have been created to allow all aspects of the site to be content manged by the Burswood team.
  • Bizforms are used and heaps of other stuff

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to make a few developer posts about Kentico as its one of the best CMS I've worked with. The balance between in-built and extensibility is brilliant.

Betts Mag App Launch in the Apple App Store

UPDATE: I'll be submitting an updated 1.1 version this afternoon which really polishes the app so be sure to lookout for that. The iPhone companion app uses String™ Augmented Reality which was really easy to work with, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to develop a few more apps using it. In the Betts Spring 2011 catalog which is currently instores you'll see the Betts Mag App iPhone app is featured. Here you can scan the icons inside the printed mag and unlock extra app features.


Also there are about 8 rich media shoe products where you can see 3 Ways to Wear and touch to spin 360 view spin of the products.




The iPad app allows you to browse the Spring Summer Catalog.