I recently built the app for Style Aid whilst working for Gatecrasher Advertising. A mobile game of Pass The Parcel was played on the event night (27th of July 2012), where 15 electronic parcels will were passed around the room and won at random. Users who had downloaded the app and then register. Push Notifications using UrbanAirship were sent as each parcel was sent around.

Guests at STYLEAID had the opportunity to have their very own red carpet moment. Photographs were taken and uploaded into a CMS and then users could share on facebook or twitter.

I used .NET MVC to handle the requests from the app in a REST methodology  and a simple windows service was created to change update who had the parcel and to send the push notifications.

More info about the event can be found at the West Yahoo website

Which data type should you use C#

MSDN BlogI find it kind of interesting that they're telling programmers not to use Byte, sbyte, short, ushort, uint, and ulong seems a bit silly if those data types aren't worth the hassle and you can't figure which one to use maybe you shouldn't be programming?

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C # Google Sitemap.xml class

I originally wrote C# class because I couldn't find a simple class for dynamically creatingthe sitemap.xml file that google and other search engines like use to crawl your site. It was written some time ago for a previous website called eFood Order. and since then I have used it several times. I think its more relevant if I post it here though.

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